The Author

A mere earthling with an out-of-this-world thirst for life.

Some random facts about the author:

  • an aspiring photographer who loves to shoot landscapes, portraits and concerts.
  • an art enthusiast.
  • an Otaku
  • loves to sing and play [guitar] Jpop/rock songs
  • anime! anime! anime!
  • her most favorite anime of ALL TIME is Rurouni Kenshin
  • a dog lover.
  • an environmentalist.
  • loves and plays music – guitar, keyboards, lyre, bamboo flute. But a frustrated violin player and drummer.
  • interested and used to practice martial arts, but due to busy schedule, have been currently on hiatus – aikido, kenjutsu
  • loves to go to concerts to shoot her favorite bands
  • loves to write and read books
  • a food and fitness junkie. Quite ironic?!
  • childhood dream: to be an astronaut.

Anyhow, you can follow me @:




Would you love to organize a photoshoot with me? Just email me at: and we can discuss the details 🙂


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