Ramen is a Popular Japanese Food, Right? : A Wagamama Review.

I was on anime marathon yesterday, and had a sudden craving for ramen, because one of the lead characters was eating it.

Yes, I know – I easily get food cravings  when I see food.

Anyway, we were trying to find a restaurant around the area that serves ramen. Apparently, even though there are a lot of Japanese restos here in Dubai, yet, only a limited number of them serve ramen. Deym ! I wonder why? I mean, ramen is one of the most popular Japanese food, apart from sushi and maki. Or am I the only one who think it is? >_____<


Anyway, we knew about Wagamama weeks before my cravings and we didn’t went there because it has low review scores. However, due to my uncontrollable cravings, we went there anyway.

We went to the JBR branch located at:  Al Fattan Towers, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai. It is open from  12 Noon to 12 Midnight.

Although they have home delivery, we wanted to experience the ambience of the restaurant, and so, we went there. Apparently, it was not an easy feat. The signage outside didn’t really point to where the restaurant’s foyer was located. And so, we have to ask where there entrance is. It was actually inside the Shopping Centre, 2nd level. The Shopping Centre was, in my opinion, poorly designed. It has numerous detours and doesn’t lead you directly to where you are going. Think of it as a maze!

Anyhow, we went inside and it has that fast-food kind of ambience. So, okay, fine.

Then, when they took our order, they kind of write on your paper place mat. It’s kinda weird.

So we ordered:

Chicken Gyoza 5 pieces @ 29 AED

2016-11-16_08-37-00Really good ! I like the sauce as well. This was served first, apart from the green tea.


Chilli Beef Ramen @ 52 AED 


Not appetizing. 2/5. Beef was good and slightly tender.  But the soup, ohhh the soup! I mean, this should be like a beef broth or something. Ramen is all about the soup. And why does this have corriander again? Most, if not all, Japanese dishes do not contain corriander. The noodle that they have used is also thinner than I expected.


Chicken and Prawn Donburi @ 46 AED  

(sorry, not pic)


You can opt for brown rice. But it doesn’t remove the fact that it was tasteless.

We had to put a lot of soy soyce to enjoy the dish, and ended up putting too much on it. The serving was big though.


Green Tea (free)

Good tea. But it says in the menu, we can have 2 servings. They didn’t ask if I want seconds. So for service, it isn’t a thumbs up for me.

Rasperry Rush large, @ 27 AED

When they first served the glass of juice, I said to myself : “I thought I ordered large?”.

And yes, this is the large size. I wonder how small, the small size is.

And oh, didn’t I mention it was raspberry? Tastes like apple to me.



Coconut reika (coconut ice cream with toppings)  @ 24 AED

Just normal. We can buy a Nobó ice cream at Waitrose, and feel satisfied, nonetheless.


Total bill is 178 AED, inclusive of 10% charge.

Verdict: Good for people who likes large portions (for main dishes, not drinks. haha!)

Not recommended for people who are particular with Japanese food, like me.



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