Choose Your Burger @ The Counter

Burgers are not normally healthy. But the ones you can eat in The Counter are hormone and antibiotic-free beef burger patties that give you 1/3, 2/3 and even a pound of beef choices. So how’s that for a scrumptious, fulfilling, yet healthy-ish burger meal?

Located at Unit 1402, The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai, these custom-built burgers are the bomb! No wonder zomato gives it 4.1 stars!


Tuna Tataki. 1/3 pound @ 55AED. 2/3 pound @65AED.

This baby right here is the Tuna Tataki burger, 2/3 pounds of patty. It has organic mixed greens, ahi tuna patty, sliced raddish, pickled carrots, onion, ponzu, and a sweet sriracha sauce. I told you, they aren’t your normal burger resto.

Verdict: I am a fan of tuna, however, maybe the mix was not quite right for my taste.


Red Eye. 1/3 pound @ 45AED. 2/3 pound @ 55AED.

Composed of a hormone and antibiotic-free beef patty, bacon, tillamook cheddar, sunny side up egg, ripened tomato, sweet sriracha sauce and english muffin.

Love this definitely! The medium-rare beef was tender and tasty! You can choose between medium rare to well-done cooked egg as well.

I had a coffee paired with this burger by the way. And yes, it is not normal to pair burger with coffee. But I loved it anyway. Their coffee is around 12 – 15 AED, and it is as good as a coffeeshop coffee, so, love it as well!

Definitely a two-thumbs up to this resto !

Visit them from 8AM – 1AM at :


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