Chronicles of a Solo Adventurer #5 : Smoothie Experiment

I’m a healthy foodie-wannabe. But I’m toooooo lazy to cook or make something. Lately, since I am gaining weight, and I’m getting wiser (subtle term for getting old), I wanted to try to eat healthy. But mind you, it’s too darn hard. Haha! Honestly, me eating healthy depends on my mood. So yes, I am in the mood to make a smoothie today, and it’s not really expensive!


I call this the power boost smoothie ala pobre (pun intended) Haha! Joke. Pobre is a bisaya version for poor. Haha!

So here’s what you need:

Spinach (it costs me less than 20php for this)
2 apples
3 bananas
4 pcs. of calamansi (a less costly alternative for lemon)

And just mix everything in your blender.
The most important ingredient is love!
Your love for food that is!
Haha! ^^


So here it is! The exlixir of life. #chos
Cheers to a good life!


One response to “Chronicles of a Solo Adventurer #5 : Smoothie Experiment

  1. Wow…liquid breakfast that I usually just see on TV. I think my internal organs would rebel at the lack of meat! 😀 My “healthy” breakfast consists of rice and tinapang isda (smoked fish) with a vinegar, red onions and diced tomatoes dip. 🙂

    Well, eating “healthy” for me is limited to that. Other times I just “try” to control my urge for more rice but I’ve somehow, someway managed to overpower my primal desire for soda. ^^

    Results are quite promising. 🙂

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