Chronicles of a Solo Adventure #2 : Me Time


Hey there! It’s been dayzzzz.

I finally got a chance to stay atuned with myself. They say it helps. And they’re right.

Most of the times I surround myself with a whole lot of people just to drown myself in the noise, the clutter and the chit chats. But you know what, when you’re alone, that’s when you know what you truly feel.

When I first told my mum that I’d be out alone, she laughed at me for being so weird. Just so you know, my mum is not fond of being alone. She always has my dad when she goes out. But as for me, I’m always comfortable with being alone, even if I still had a boyfriend. And sometimes, I even prefer doing things alone. Yet the reason being “alone” now has a more meaningful and literal meaning than before.

Anyhow, I’ve gotten a chance to go to a coffee shop and read a good book. Yay! :3 It was therapeutic. I’ve listed some of the lines that I liked just as a reminder.

I got this book from a friend by the way. And it’s just borrowed. It’s a Haruki Murakami book and although I’ve heard about this author and his works quite a lot, this was the only time I’ve actually read his work. And I liked it!

You know, most of the bookworms I know, likes to have a fast-paced way of reading a book. But me, it’s the opposite! I like to savor the book. Read it carefully, take my time and indulge in it.

So yeah, I’ve indulge too much and realized that it was already 12am and had to hurry going home.

You know, it still perplexes me why I love to go to a coffee shop and read a book when I can do it at home i my bed and drink my coffee. Maybe it’s the ambiance? My bed is very comforting still. I dunno.
Maybe you can help me find why. ^^

P.S. : Hopefully when I re-read this series (on my blog), I would reminisce and just laugh at how I tried my best to mend my broken heart.


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