In Retrospect: 2015


2015 was the most unpredictable year so far!
One major thing that happened was that I needed to fly to London for a business trip while my passport was out there for my Japan tourist visa application. Thus, I needed to withdraw my Japan visa application so as I could proceed with the UK visa. Since it was urgent, the moment the visa was approved, I flew the next morning, halfway around the world, alone (for the first time) and unprepared of what’s coming.

I had more or less 5 weeks euphoria in the UK, and needed time settling in at home. A few weeks being at home, then boom ! I discovered that the person very important to my life is not the person I thought he was. Go figure.

When I look back at my UK adventure, it wasn’t that bad at all. Yes I missed home, I was so stressed and pressured, but it was all worth it! I learned a lot and became more independent, and much more, it was one heck of an adventure! The emotional and mental stress out there cannot compare to what I have experienced in the later half of 2015. But I know that I can get through this.

I wanted to document this major phase in my life right now so that when I look back and read ’em again, tears would flow from my eyes out of joy and laughter. Yes. Of joy and laughter. I cannot wait when that day comes. But first, I gotta take it slowly and surely, no rush. Feel the moment and ride the waves.

Thank you 2015. It was one heck of a year.
2016, here I come!


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