Chronicles of a Solo Adventurer # 1.1: Terminal

Since today is the last weekend before Christmas (which I was too stupid to forget and neglect), there is a sea of people shopping everywhere! Darn.

It seems that I literally, and I mean literally, jumped to the dreadful Christmas rush and I cannot undo it anymore.

Therefore, I just embraced the moment.

I left the mall around 10pm and I am overjoyed that the line for the jeepney is not that long (well that’s a surprise!). But then again, the transportation of my country never fails to amaze me. Even though the line was shorter at this time of the night, unfortunately, there was a shortage of jeepneys! And I was left standing at the terminal for almost 2 freakin’ hours.

Luckily, by fate, I was able to meet somebody in the passenger’s line who resides in the same village as me. So to make the long story short, both of us were able to strategize and picked up a taxi.

And I realized that today was still a wonderful day, even if I don’t feel that enthusiastic. It’s fun to wander in solitude, you know. 🙂

Here’s a song for you.


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