Chronicles of a Solo Adventurer #1: First Mall Tour

Hi. I’m not feeling good for a few weeks already because of some life changing event. Therefore, I’ve decided to document my solo adventures on my blog, instead of posting it on facebook. Haha!

Anyhow, I guess today is the first weekend I went alone. Go figure.

Although I am very much used to being alone even before, I guess the term now means more than what it literally means. And yes, it still feels like it’s the first time. 🙂

I went shopping for gifts. Although I prefer shopping alone before, today is just quite different, you know?

And so, after hours of turning back and forth in the department store, I found myself extremely dying of hunger. And luckily, when I went outside the department store, tada! I found the Famous Belgian Waffle Store.

Eating alone was never a problem for me ever since I could remember. And although my solitude today feels different and weird, I actually enjoyed eating my food. ^_^


This is an unfiltered shot of my table. The coffee was not really brewed. It’s a Malaysian coffee, as the menu said. Not bad actually. Not bad at all. It only costs 35php and my waffle was choco peanut butter which was inly 55php. Tastes good too.

So here I am, with mixed emotions of enjoyment and grief at my alone time.

P.S. Ironically, I’m sharing my table with 3 other strangers as well. Not bad for my first time in solitude.


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