To You

Written by: Glee Segun

To the man who broke my heart
Who never think twice to tear it apart
You never seemed to care
How much pain that i have to bear

To the man who loved two
You’ve left me hanging, how could you?
You’ve kept the truth away from me
Oh how i thought i could trust thee

To the man whom i thought i knew
For all these years i’ve been a fool
To think that forever will ever come
For heaven’s sake, it has not begun

To the man whom i gave my heart
I take it back for a fresh new start
I’ll pick up the pieces and rebuild again
Though not as easy as one to ten

To the man who walked away
Who was such a coward to ever stay
You will never experience my very best
Because you have failed that simple test

To the man who thought he has won
Everything you have now is ephemeral
You may laugh and smile for today
But tomorrow these may not stay

I may be lost and in misery
But tomorrow will be my joyous glory
I will cry for today
As i wait for true love one day


4 responses to “To You

  1. I’m sorry for hurting you,
    for breaking your heart into two.
    Breaking your trust was my biggest mistake,
    which brought you unbearable heart ache
    I thought I was strong
    but gave in what I thought was wrong.
    Looking back how lucky was I to have you,
    Reminiscing the days when I was with you.
    Day and night wish you were by my side,
    all this feelings I must fight.
    I can never get back I have what done
    and accept that your are now gone.
    I will cherish all our good times together,
    all fun and laughter we had with each other.
    I really do love you
    and now promise not to disturb you.
    I pray for your happiness
    forgive me for all the pain and sadness.
    This will be the last you’ll hear from me,
    Goodbye Mary Glee.

    • hi mike. ikaw nagsulat ani? wala baya gyud ka ka suwat ug poem nako before. hehe 😛 i can say na mak forgive raman jud ko in time,mike 🙂 but dili pa siguro ko okay karon. i think happy naman sad ka without me 🙂

      • Hi Gly! yup ako naghimu ana. :)… Dili man ko happy ron but life must go on diba accepting everything can ease the what we feel. I can say right now I okay but not well , from time to time mingawon gihapon ko nimo pero I must deal with it everyday na wala……………
        “Every time I remember you cry it rips me apart, I’m sorry for breaking your heart”

      • Hi mike! Kamao mansad d i ka mo himu ug poem. 🙂 good to hear na okay na ka ron 🙂 i still wish u happiness too. ^^ hopefully ma okay ta tanan. ^^

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