The London Saga : Bird’s Eyeview

I’ve been away from blogging for ages! And I haven’t been able to share to you a lot of my adventures for so long!

So, yes, I went to London around British Summertime. 😉

It was totally fantastic, awe-inspiring and such a beauty, that place! 🙂

So here’s a few of my first few days of adventure there.

My first solo flight, halfway around the world!

This is the LeadenHall Market, where one of the scenes from Harry Potter at the Diagon Alley was shot.


The ever iconic red telephone booth! Most of them are situated around London for tourists, and are not really functioning anymore. Although tele booths are still around, they’re not in this form anymore. Haha!


I’m at 0 degree longitude! Yes yes! In Greenwhich!
Will post some more about my Greenwhich adventure on a separate post.


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