The La Vie Parisienne Nightmare

Camera 360

La Vie Parisienne – for those unfamiliar of the term, this denotes a female native or resident of Paris.

Therefore, one may associate this restaurant an epitome of Paris dining.


When we got to the place, you’d surely think that it’s exquisite due to the long line of people lining up. The menu were much of French-styled bakery and pastries (supposedly). But what irked me was the extremely disorganized and inefficient service of their cashiers and waitresses. They are all over the area, with a hint of panic in their eyes due to the surge of customers.

When it was my turn, I was quite confused if the cashier gave the receipt to my companion.  I really thought she gave it to him because that’s customary, right? As far as my profession knows. As aforementioned, the cashier was all of the place, she doesn’t know what to do anymore. I was waiting at the side while she was taking orders to the next customer, and she didn’t gave me my pastries yet. So I waited for awhile, while another previous customer asked for a copy of the receipt or somewhat like that. Anyhow, I still waited for my pastries. The espresso maker was just at the back of the cashier, and the drink was placed on a paper cup, which cost around 75-125 Php.

Camera 360

Our mocha cake with a French name. Didn’t bother to remember it. This cost around 75-90 bucks. Not worth it.

When we went outside (it’s a garden restaurant), the only light illuminating all over the place are the pink Sakura or Cherry Blossoms ornamental trees. The terrain wasn’t plain at all, rocking our table as well as our coffee.

Camera 360

This was the chocolate donut I was referring to in the previous paragraph. Krispy Kreme and Bread Talk is waaaaaaaaay better. I forgot how this costs though. I think it was around 40-75 Php.

When I was informed by my companion that the cashier did not gave him our receipt, I was disappointed, extremely disappointed for that matter. But yet, we asked the waitress who came by for our 5o Php change. Unfortunately, she came back to us that the cashier did not gave her the change because she (cashier) did not believe her (waitress), and that we need to go to the cashier to get the change ourselves.


Extremely poooooooor customer service. We did not bother to get our change when we hurriedly went out of this resto. We just wanted to get out, that’s all that mattered to us. I doubt she would ever believe us for the 50 Php change, nor I didn’t want to waste my night arguing to that cashier for a 50 bucks. But the thing is, you don’t treat customers that way, you know.

Overall verdict:

If you just want to post a photo and look good on it –  on your facebook, instagram, tumblr or whatever social media website, then this place is for you. A facade that’s good enough for a #nofilter hashtag. You can try it once though. Not really sure if this type of service is what they do every time you come here. Perhaps we were just the UNLUCKY ones to have experienced this. But certainly, this place needs to be overhauled on their customer services.

But if you want quality pastries and customer service, then go to another place. It’s only worth the picture-bragging rights.


3 responses to “The La Vie Parisienne Nightmare

  1. Hi there, just read your article and agree about the poor service – I had to ask for water 3 times and it didn’t come for 40 minutes! They really just need more people working there or just more organization.

    One minor correction from your article though – ‘La Vie Parisienne’ means ‘Parisian life’ rather than a girl from Paris (that would be La Fille Parisienne).

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the correction! 😀 I’ll take note of that 🙂

      Yes, I agree to your comment – needs more organization. Though the place itself is indeed very nice 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by..

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