The Valentine Cliché

Camera 360

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Honey is sweet

but not as sweet as you.

This post might be quite late since it’s already March. But nonetheless, it’s better to be late than never right?

I am not a fan of cliché. But sometimes, clichés can become quite romantic, especially if it’s out-of-the-ordinary-kind-of-stuff you stumble upon on an everyday basis.

I wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s day either. It’s not because people become mushy in an instant, but… [brace yourself for my weird thought] … because of traffic. Lol.

Really, from previous V-day experiences, streets become so jammed, restaurants so full that you can’t even dine if you don’t have a reservation, and of course, commercialization. I felt that sales from various business will surging right up during the week of Valentine’s. And it felt quite annoying (even if you have a date) if the malls and restaurants are too crowded for a romantic dinner with a special someone, or even with friends.

I am not anti-Vday, of course. But it was how small and crowded the city felt like during my past Vday experiences. Well luckily for me, I wasn’t in the city during V-day so I wasn’t able to experience this worst kind of V-day-phobia. [I was out-of-town for a Vday adventure ^^]

Anyhow, back to the topic. A bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, cheesy love letters and such might be such a cliché. But sometimes, cliché can be good too. It means that the other person is thinking of you. And I guess, the best way to show this particularly on this day might be sweet gestures and gifts.

So cheers to love for making the ride of our life worth the while.

Here’s a song for ‘ya! 🙂


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