Dakasi Milk Tea Cafe


Located at the 3rd floor of Ayala Center Cebu’s New Wing, is the new milk tea cafe called Dakasi.

I was really excited to taste this milk tea because rarely does Ayala Center have accessible milk tea cafes in the area. All I know before this cafe is Teariffic, which is located at the far shores of 4th floor Metro Ayala area.

Anyway, we entered the cafe and the aroma greeted us. Hmm, intriguing.


This bubble milk tea shop has a lot of flavors to offer ranging from iced tea, milk tea, creme milk tea, matcha tea concoctions, fresh tea, fruity yogurt drinks, smoothies and a lot more.



I was a fan of creme-on-top milk tea such as the one from Gong Cha and Jelly Citea so I ordered the bestseller on their list, the Creme Jasmine Green Tea, trusting the judgment of the cashier. First, we both ordered regular but the cashier insisted we buy the big size because there’s only a 10php difference. Before the cashier took my order, I was really certain that I want a regular, and the price-size-ratio difference didn’t matter. But the cashier, was really quite persistent and somewhat annoying, so I just ordered the large size.


Our drinks took quite a long while. And unlike most bubble tea shops, your name is not written on your drink. Not that it did matter, but was somewhat out-of-the-ordinary. Speaking of which, the sugar level was not asked as well. These kind of stuffs are not good examples of out-of-the-ordinary kind of service. Don’t you think so too?

Another thing I noticed is the length of time they prepared the drink. It was a bit long, yet the cafe is not packed with customers on a weekday at around 5pm.

When we first tasted our individual orders…




You would expect that only the Creme Jasmine Green Tea would taste ugly, but the Oreo Bubble Tea did the same job as well. Although it tasted better than its Jasmine counterpart, it still a thumbs down for us.

I’m a [brewed] tea lover and a milk tea lover as well. I’ve tried and tasted most of the milk tea shops in Cebu, may it be ChaTimeSprockets, Cobo,  Jelly Citea, and even in the depths of Talamban area, Berry Benefits, but this has the most dissatisfying and disappointing taste of all. Not to mention, the annoying customer-service attempt of the cashier-in-charge.

In the end, we didn’t finish our drinks. When I got to my computer, I tried searching Dakasi over the net. And what I found was veeeerrryyy alarming. Yes, you heard me right, with a proloonggeeedd and emphasized “very”.

I heard that on the 4th quarter of 2013, many have been food poisoned from Dakasi at Ayala Techno-Hub in Iloilo. Reports say that around 34-66 people have been rushed to the hospital and a 34-year-old man died and all of them have one thing in common: they had milk tea from Dakasi.

Before I read this news, I was certain to myself not to visit this shop again, and the news has certainly confirmed and affirmed my gut feeling.

Although we only tasted two drinks from the cafe, I am not closing my doors to this shop, but I definitely won’t recommend it to my friends, especially those occasional milk tea drinkers.

Disclaimer: Article is based on the opinion of the writer and what was read on the news.

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