The Spicy Life at The Firozian

Camera 360

Are you a fan of that creamy, spicy curry dish? Or how about Kebab wraps? If you’re looking for some adventurous and spicy meal, then The Firozian Indian Tea House is theeeeeee place to beeeeeeee!!

Located at Don Jose Avila St., Cebu City, this tea house serves quite a variety of Indian dishes and beverages. The ambiance is pretty much Indian as well, for you need to take off your shoes, sit on the floor and listen to Indian music. It felt like the place is taking me back Three Idiots days 😉

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Kebab Meal @ 125php

Camera 360

Chicken Biryani

Camera 360

Camera 360

Rose Water.
It has rose syrup

This is rose water. It sounds kinda interesting. It tastes interesting too!

Although personally, I didn’t like it. Perhaps, it has too many rose syrup in it?

By the way, I’m so sorry about the foot captured in the photo. I just realized that just now. It really looks funny though.

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