Sprockets @ Talamban, Cebu



Our well-beloved artsy Milk Tea Cafe is now in Talamban!

If you liked the lomography-inspired cafe located at the corner of Escario St., then you’d surely love this! Sprocket’s Cafe in Talamban has a more colorful attitude to cater to its young market.  Located in front of University of San Carlos – TC campus, this is a sweet spot for all milk tea lovers, especially for me who is a milk-tea lover and resides around this area!



I went here sometime at the middle of December 2013. I was here for two totally different reasons. First and foremost, to cool off my head – I was a bit under the weather that time. And second, to check the place out. This spot, I repeat, is sweeeeeet! It’s really accessible, it has a parking area, and it certainly serves delectable sweet stuffs! Not to mention the cozy ambiance that I certainly look for!







So, who’s coming with me in my next visit? 🙂



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