So, This is Christmas…


Our Christmas Tree @ Home. Taken from my phone. Sorry for the grainy pixels. Didn’t really had the luxury of time to take my decent camera. HAHA.


Hi there! Merry Christmas! This might be a bit late, but nonetheless, Christmas is everyday, right? šŸ˜‰

This year’s (2013) Christmas was unlike the ones I’ve imagined nor experienced during my childhood years. It was a busy Christmas. Yep. BUSY.

Everyone’s too busy for presents, too busy for parties, and too busy in socializing that sometimes we fail to see AND feel the true essence of Christmas. I tried my very best to contemplate on Christmas songs – it did a little uplifting, so I give it credit. But, somehow, something’s missing. And to top it all, how the kids nowadays sing their Christmas carols – it TOTALLY sucks. When I was still in their days, my friends and I really take the effort of making a handmade tambourine made out of metal caps from sodas just to have some kind of accompaniment during our Christmas caroling. And sometimes, making that handmade tambourine was one of our pride (aside from singing our best during caroling). Tsk, kids nowadays, huh?

Anyhow, unlike the previous year’s Christmases, our work-vacation was longer! Yes, Thank God! I stayed all day in the house – not that I hate it, but I loved it. I got to have long days of rest and eating. That’s one of the part I loved best during this Christmas break.

Nonetheless, I was happy with what turned out during this Christmas season. Even though we were busy, and the kids’ caroling sucked, all’s well that ends well…

Because what matters most is what’s in our hearts. What we’ve learned throughout the season, what we’ve realized because of it, and hopefully, be experiencing a more solemn Christmas in the years to come.



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