The Tasteful Berry Benefits Cafe

Want a cold drink, such as a milk shake or a milk tea, but your home is too far from the city?
Worry no more!
If you live around Talamban area, Berry Benefits is here to satisfy your cravings!

Located at IPI Housing Compound, Talamban, this flambouyant cafe can give you every sweet fettish you have for your tastebuds.


They’ve got lots of drinks to choose from – flavorful milk tea varieties, foamy frios, and some tasteful pastries!


And look! They’ve got games too!
And those little cute notes hangin’ up their wall make you feel like you high school again. (No, I wouldn’t tell you my age ūüėÄ )



This very colorful and lively ambiance coupled by such sweet and tasteful drinks (plus the proximity to your Talamban residence, considering you live in Talamban) makes you want to come again.

Come visit ’em now! More info below:

Berry Benefits’ Facebook Page


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