Duyog – Jewel & Joe Edward Villaflores

Vispop Entry No. 6: Duyog – Jewel & Joe Edward Villaflores
Interpreted by Jewel Villaflores

Vispop is a Cebuano Songwriting Campaign and Competition organized
by Artist KO (Artists & Musicians Marketing Cooperative) in cooperation
with FILSCAP (Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

This song has captured my heart ever since I first heard of it. It’s one of those songs that redefined OPM or even Bisaya songs. Even those people who cannot appreciate the music in vernacular, can truly be wowed by the awesomeness of this song.

The song’s poetic lyrics and solemn melody can awaken one’s hopeless romantic side. I’ve been raping the repeat button for this song when I first heard of it. And even when I listened to it again, I still raped the repeat button (over and over again).

I’ve listened closely and tried re-writing the lyrics for y’all.

I’m planning to cover this  (hopefully) soon. And I really hope I could give justice to this beyond-awesome song. Stay tuned! 🙂

Ikaw ang bahandi
Dugai ko nang gihandum
Ikaw and bitoon
Sa ngitngit kong baybayon
Ikaw lang…
Akong, akong higugmaon
Ikaw lang…
Ako, ako matinud anon
Ikaw akong hangin
Ikaw akong ulan
Ikaw akong langit
Ang akong kalibutan
Repeat Refrain
Chorus I
Ikaw akong gahapon
Ikaw akong karon
Ikaw akong kanunay
Pulong ko tinud-anay
Kasing-kasing paminawa
Giduyugan ning guitara
Wa ka nag inusara
Kanimo na higugma…
Ikaw ang katam-is
Kalipay na way sama
Ikaw ba nasayud
Sa likod ning pahiyum
Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus I
Chorus II
Dambuhala na gibati
Sa akong kinabuhi
Ikaw lang ang bulawan
Gitipigan sa akong dughan
Mahanaw man ang adlaw
Magsubo man ang buwan
Dili ka gyud talikdan
Ug di gyud pasipad-an

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