Chronicles of Summer Solstice: Jelly Citea


… And the quest for the best milk tea in town continues!

Craving for another milk tea? Here’s Jelly Citea to satisfy your craving taste buds. Located at Rain Tree Mall around Mango Avenue, this cafe will certainly fit your taste both in milk tea and hangout place. This was actually recommended by a very good friend, Gem, the author of JapanHeartCebu and her sister Christine. Jelly Citea can also be found at CDU by the way 😉

Anyhow, when we entered the cafe, it was oozing with cheesy aroma. Then we figured it was popcorn. Oh goodie! It’s full of students, considering it’s summer time. They’ve got lots of choices for tea – the traditional tea, then they have milk teas, fruit teas and creme special teas. All of us chose those creme special teas :

Tokyo – it’s like a matcha tea with a special creme on top. Rawr. Very tasty!~ *I love matcha tea latte by the way*

Paris – Also known as wintermelon tea. One of their best sellers! And I can tell why – It’s heavenly! And again, I love the creme topping!~ It tastes like the ones on cheesecakes. Tip: Do not mix it immediately with your milk tea. Try sipping the creme in itself. It’ll take you to cloud 9

New York – chocolate milk tea. It’s good, but for a milk tea lover like me, I want to taste the tea on my cup. So I would recommend this to non-tea lovers (even though it has tea on it).

Price range is around 70-90 Php exclusive of sinkers. Sinkers range from 10 Php -15 Php each.

Unfortunately they ran out of pastries during our visit. But they’ve got popcorn for only 50 Php! Yeba! It’s pretty much an affordable tea cafe. So excited to visit this shop again! 🙂


3 responses to “Chronicles of Summer Solstice: Jelly Citea

  1. wew… yup a 100% yes indeed to this review 😉 i do love to keep coming back and back again at this shop. i really love how the creme and the green tea is mixed. a new adventurous taste! (^___^) however my doc advice me to limit my sugar for now huhu ='( but anyhow, wait ’til im recovered. ill be sipping back all of these again ahaha (^^,)/

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