Chronicles of Summer Solstice: Fruit Shakes


It’s that time of the year again where I gain some pounds instead of achieving a bikini-bod. LOL. It’s ’cause summer, is the perfect season to drink shakes! That’s why we bought a new blender in order to cater this fettish of mine.

I also read that cold drinks can actually help speed up metabolism, which is contrary to my belief before (or popular belief for that matter). Anyhow, I found this as an excuse to make some fruit shakes for the weekend.

I just grab any fruit in the fridge, and viola! Apple shake! I use condensed milk and honey to sweeten it. One thing I love about smoothies is because it’s very fast and easy to prepare. Preparation time is around 10-15 mins. if you need to crush your ice. But if not, it would just take around 5-10 mins.

Here’s another one, mango shake!



You can actually try any kind. I even tried a grapefruit shake !  Enjoy your summer~!

Disclaimer: Photos are taken from my mobile phone (Milky Way)



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