Life’s Bittersweet Surprises


Have you ever felt like you’ve done your best (to prepare) at something, and it turned out pretty much an epic fail at the actual moment?

Well, I just did. Just now.

They say that…

Nobody ever did their best and regretted it.

But I am not ‘nobody’.

Deep in my heart I know that I was somewhat fit for that ‘something’. But I wasn’t able to show it, speak about it. Darn.

I did all I could to prepare for the limited span of time. I did all the law of attraction techniques to make the universe conspire to it. But no. It didn’t work.

I’m not really good at surprises.

But I do appreciate the good ones though. But not this kind of surprise.

I’ve dreamt of acing this kind of  ‘something’, because I know deep in my heart (again) that this is for me. That I-was-born-to-do-this kind of thing. LOL.

But then again… It wasn’t meant to be. At least for now.

Yes, I know – it’s still not time. I needed to see the bigger picture. *Insert torrents of inspiring and encouraging quotes here*

But it still hurts.

… you know?

I know I can get through this. But as of the moment, just let me feel the wound.

I’ll let it heal naturally. In time.

By the way, you might be wondering the inconsistency of the pic and the post. Well, after I did that epic fail moment, I ate lots of ice cream. There. There. Comfort food. I just needed something to keep my endorphins high.



2 responses to “Life’s Bittersweet Surprises

  1. Don’t let it get you down. If you want it badly enough, you will get it in the end. I do believe in that law of attraction. I also wanted a couple of things badly in the past, so much that I even made a collage of photos about it. It took two years for it to happen. I stopped thinking about it and it came true when I least expected it.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words ! ^____^ I feel better now ^_____^ wow, i also believed in the Law of Attraction, but sometimes, my negativity creeps in my system >_< haha!

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