Chronicles of Summer Solstice : Cobo Milk Tea


It’s summer and the heat is taking it’s toll. Most of the facebook statuses of my friends are complaints (and celebrations) of how hot the sun is right now. I think this is one of the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced since time in memorial. That’s why I am attempting to collect my summet experience this year. I think that one of the ways to beat the summer heat outside is to put something cold inside of your body.

Therefore, aside from fruit shakes, juices and slush, you might want to try drinking Milk Tea.

There are a lot of milk tea shops sprouting in Cebu right now.

Here’s one – Cobo. It’s located at the 4th level of SM City Cebu, near Cinemas 1-4.

They’ve got lots of choices on their menu, but unfortunately, not all of them are available 😦

It’s my 2nd time visiting this shop, but it’s my first time to drink their beverages. The first time I was here, they didn’t have what I’ve been craving for. So sad.

Although the milk tea is quite good. They have this new feature of bubble burst tea where the sinker will burst and has juice on it. Quite an innovation.

Milk tea is one of my favorite cold drinks to beat the summer heat. You might want to try other milk tea shops too:

Tea and Symphony

Cha Time


Bon Appetea

… and a lot more ^^

Disclaimer: Photo is taken from my mobile phone.


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