The Chocoholic’s Haven : Ralfe Gourmet


Chocoholics, this is your time to shine!
At Ralfe Gourmet, you can certainly bathe in a fountain of chocolates.

The great thing about Ralfe Gourmet’s tablea is that it is firmly made from tradition.

Of all the chocolate cafe’s I have tasted here in Cebu, this is definitely at the top of my list. You can really tell that the bitter-sweet taste of their chocolates is delicately made.




Literally everything edible in the shop is made of chocolates! I also loved the fact that they offer hot chocolates in assorted flavors – cinnamon, orange and vanilla.




At around 200php, you can enjoy this heavenly buffet of chocolates. The owner also is certainly accomodating and mingles with the their guests. The venue is quite intimate as well because it is on a household setting.

You can find this chocolate haven at 3349 Topaz Street, Casals’ Village, Mabolo, Cebu City. You can contact them at:

It is advisable to contact Ralfe Gourmet first and set an appointment.

Disclaimer: photos and this post is taken from my mobile phone.


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