Chocolate Overload at Maitre Chocolatier

Chocolates. One of the sweetest word, or for that matter, food, ever invented.

It’s only quite rare for one to find chocolates in every part of the meal – from entrees, antipasti, down to the main dish – with the exception of dessert of course. That’s why, for a sweet tooth like me, I always go for a restaurant that serves the tastiest chocolates there is.

Luckily, I found myself digging into the menu of Maitre Chocolatier, at Ayala Center Terraces.


This restaurant serves chocolates – may it be dark or white choco, in every part of the meal. You’d be surprised, you’r eating your pasta with chocolates on it. No, I’m not kidding!

So here’s a snapshot of their menu:




Clearly, chocolates are everywhere!



Roasted beef with mushrooms. These are dipped in chocolates! The good part is, for those non-sweet toothies out there, you wouldn’t even feel or taste, the sweetness of chocolates here. The beef is subtly sauteed in dark  chocolates.


Chicken and Pesto Pasta.
The sauce is to die for! I loved how the chicken was cooked for it to have a soft and tender meat. Although I didn’t like the taste of the pesto pasta. It seems something is missing.


Beef Panini. Loved it! Still, there are hints of dark chocolates on it, which is quite subtle to taste. Yum yum!


The ever-loveable french toast!
I mean, who would order a french toast for dinner? Well, I do. :p
I’ve been looking over french toast recipes earlier in the day and luckily, I was able to satisfy my cravings since the restaurant has them on their menu! Well, lucky me ! 😉


Chocolate fondue. It was good, but not the best of its kind. The chocolate was not the taste I’ve imagined for a dark chocolate. Mind you, I love dark choco more than milk chocolates. So yeah, I have some idea of the taste difference. My friends think so too! But I loved the green apples by the way 😉
Also, it was quite pricey compared to its taste and servings.

The cafe is located at the corner of Ayala Center Terraces. It’s near The Gustavian. It might not be too noticeable because of its location, but that made it more intimate.

So for those chocoholics out there, never miss this one out! 🙂


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