Confessions of a Foodie at Spaghetti Factory

I’ve always been a fan of Italian food. From pizza, to pasta, to salads, I love them all.

Spaghetti Factory, a restaurant at 3rd level, Ayala Center Cebu, satisfies my craving for Italian cuisine at a very affordable price. With pasta as their main specialty, the resto also serve pizzas, rice meals and even desserts! You are also assured of getting a delicious meal by choosing the pasta of your choice, poured by freshly ground black pepper and cheese right at your table. Now, how’s that for a price of 199php?!


Aside from their pasta, their vegetable salads are really to die for! For just a price of 159php, you enjoy a fresh bowl (or plate) of Ceasar salad.


I just didn’t like their bread too much. Although it’s delicious really, but I prefer a toast (French toast is love), or a garlic bread. But anyhow, the white bread still suffice.

A new salad arrived at their menu for around 169php, called Asian salad. It has fried tofu, sweet mangoes, lettuce, asian sauce and a crispy wrap-around thin “bread”. Actually, I don’t know what it’s called, but you gotta go there and try! The crispy wrap really complements the sweetness of the mangoes. And I loved how the tofu is cooked to golden brown. You wouldn’t even notice that it’s tofu. Quite a dish, I tell ya.


The ambiance is quite intimate as well. A good place to have a quite chit-chat with a friend or a loved one.

Spaghetti Factory is one of those restaurants you’d want to “dine” for over and over again.

Disclaimer: photos are taken from my mobile phone


2 responses to “Confessions of a Foodie at Spaghetti Factory

  1. waa so happy that u tagged me to here… i love pastas!! o(^-^)o wew.. especially i missed carbonara so much (T-T)

    im surprised by how u took the pictures. all looked so fresh and in natural colors! wow you’re getting a good hand too for food photography glee! (^_^) even though u just used your phone? (@_@)

  2. Hi Gem! 😀
    Hisashiburi!! :3 Thanks so much! I’ve been eating a lot lately, so I tried to venture in the food [mobile] photography >:))
    Oh the phone.. yes, if I could get a good lighting, it’s an acceptable shot but if low-light, it’s not really that good 😦
    So, how have you been? I think you’ve been quite busy being an amazing wife :3

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