Start Your Day Right


Aaaahhh.. the smell of coffee.. that gently goes through your nostrils. It would seem that from the aroma itself, it could awaken your senses.

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But I didn’t realize it until now…

I never really liked breakfast before. I don’t even ate breakfast before…. until recently.
This was because I’ve been trying so hard to go on a diet… and eventually gave up after nth attempts. And to think I’m not a quitter kind of person.

Anyhow, after reading a number of health and self-help articles, it pointed to one important fact. That it’s important to eat breakfast.

I tried it out, and got the hang of it.


Eating breakfast alleviates your mood. Well, at least for me, in the morning. Especially before going to work. Previouy, I ate oats at the office, because I don’t have time to eat at home. But lately, I tried eating breakfast at home and notice some good results – in my overall mood in the morning.

Right now, the initial thought of eating breakfast due to “diet” purposes is now down the drain. For me, eating breakfast is like food for the heart. *LOL*

Really, seriously.

It really makes you feel full – from your heart down to the stomach. It makes you feel good too, especially if you’ve gone from an exercise. It keeps you alert and alive all through the morning.


It would be better as well to include a daily devotion to your morning routine. It’s food for the soul!

So, start your day right.
Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer: This is posted from my mobile phone.


2 responses to “Start Your Day Right

  1. You skip breakfast? Nooo! breakfast is the best meal of the day! you’re missing out on a lot of good things – pancakes, french toasts, omelettes, sinangag! 😀 oh and have you tried overnight oats? yum!

    • Hi Joan, way back before when I was still schooling, I am not fond of eating breakfast. It’s because I felt that my tummy isn’t ready to digest yet =__= hahaha!
      But when I started working, I needed to eat breakfast because I get very hungry while working on some stuffs. Anyhow, I loooooooooove pancakes, french toasts, omelettes, singangag, and perhaps, all breakfast foods! I’ve come to appreciate them lately 😀

      I haven’t tried overnight oats (i usually just dig in instant oatmeals, lol)! hmmm, do you have a recipe on your blog? I’d love to try it 🙂

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