Exquisite Dining at Café Sarree


Cebuanos are known for their love of good food. Being a true-blue Cebuano, this description definitely applies to me.

After spending our Sunday productively, my friend and I were looking for some good food to end the great day with a bang. We then started our quest for great food around the Escario area, but were a bit unlucky because most of the restos are full. We decided to go to Escario Central Mall as we have heard good reviews of a restaurant called Café Sarree.

When we first entered the restaurant, the aroma of cooked lamb (I think it was lamb) filled the whole room. It was quite awkward. I didn’t think I like the smell of it at all. But after quite some time, we were accustomed to the smell and ignored it eventually.

Café Sarree is one of the restaurants that you can enjoy with lesser number of people. It is quite intimate.

It reminds me of 10 Dove Street. It’s a place where you can just enjoy your good food, good music, without the clutter of the crowd.


Anyhow, the price range of the food is around 200-400 Php, which is quite reasonable, with regards to the ambiance and quality of dining experience with the place.

I can say that the food is freshly served as it took quite some time to prepare it. Luckily we had good music on the side.

It was quite bizarre though that we were offered with only a fork and a knife. Although I am not adept with the knowledge of fine dining, but yeah, it was bizarre for me. But we asked for a spoon anyway.


This dish is called Lamb Adobo. I think this was around 235Php. Exquisitely delicious! The meat is very tender and the flavor actually sips through it, leaving your tongue wanting for more!


(I think) This dish is the White Fish Ranchera. Still around 235-250 Php. Nom nom nom! Quite a big catch, with a very appetizing sauce! (I’m a “sauce-person” by the way.)  I also liked the way they ask if we prefer plain rice or garlic rice 🙂

Dining at Café Sarree was indeed the best way to end the long, productive day.

Its ambrosial cuisine and cozy ambiance would make you want to visit it again!

Disclaimer: Photos are taken from my mobile phone. Sorry for the crappy photos by the way. We were sooooooooooo darn hungry!


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