Sinulog 2013 Quickview





Sinulog is the festival held in Cebu in honor of the chikd Jesus Senyor Sto. Nino. The festival is held on the 3rd Sunday of January. It is one of the most anticipated and colorful festivals in the Philippines. I take pride as a Cebuana for our faith and offerings to Senyor Sto. Nino. ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

Though the festival is held for one day only, but the preparations prior to this day is enourmous! A 9-day novena is held at the Basilica and hundreds of people and devotees come to celebrate the mass. Then a long procession is held a day before the Sinulog, as well as traditional events such as A Walk with Mary, the Fluvial parade, Sinulog sa Kabataan and much more awaits us!

I’m just posting a quick view of the festival, and hoping to post more once I get the chance to.

Disclaimer: photos are taken from my mobile phone.


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