The Music of Undercover Grasshoppers

Undercover Grasshoppers is a Cebu-based indie band that mainly plays new wave, experimental and rock music. They recently released their first album entitled Cropped Circles.

The members are composed of:

Cilee Kuizon – guitar/vocals

Jude Sala – bass

Dan Soco – guitars

Ongkii Sayson – guitars

Vince Yap – drums

The members of the band are still young yet they are very experienced in music. They’ve been performing at local and national events and even made one of their songs, Frantic Static, as an OST of a movie entitled RPG Metanoia!

A very talented bunch indeed!

My favorite tracks from the album are Finding Marvin, Frantic Static and Enigma.

Listen to them and be in awe 🙂

P.S. You can view some of the behind-the-scene photos while the band was still recording their album.


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