HK-Macau Day 1: Avenue of the Stars

This is my first international flight. But I screwed it.

The night before my flight, Nov. 24th, I washed my face in preparation for sleep. Unfortunately, something caught my eye and I can’t get it off. For the whole night, I wasn’t able to sleep and open my left eye. It was totally devastating! When I got up the next morning, I can open my left eye but just a bit, but it’s swollen, AND PAINFUL! But I can’t back out now, I have to go to my flight.

With steadfast will, I went to the airport, and off we go to Hong Kong. Here are some pics. I do apologize though, my shots aren’t that good as it used to be (as if, it was really good even before? lol). One of the biggest reasons was because of the pain in my left eye. My eye got irritated by the way, and it healed for 2-3 days, the days when I was outside of my home country, taking a vacation. Oh, lucky me! I only used the live view and didn’t care about any photography stuff as long as I can get a shot. >__<

Most of these pics have me and my friend on it. We had to trade places to “pose” with the view. Forgive me for being so vain here. I guess, if you go to other homelands, you (or rather I) unleash your vanity side…

So here’s some of the pics 🙂

Oh, by the way, I’ll be posting our itinerary soon! ^^

IMG_1359 IMG_1389 IMG_1402 IMG_1450 IMG_1317 IMG_1350 IMG_1344 IMG_1337 IMG_1336 IMG_1334 IMG_1363 IMG_1380


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