Rodeo Grill Sizzles Cebuanos’ Taste Buds

A new rodeo has arrived in town!

Yes, you guess that right, it’s Rodeo Grill!

It’s located at Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City Philippines (beside Hotel Elizabeth).

You may not actually see the grill house adjacent to Hotel Elizabeth because you need to enter an alley to get to it. But the signage outside gives you a big hint that it’s nearby!

It has a big parking space and a very cozy place.

Although the area is quite small, because it is just a new place, but I bet this will become a big hit because of its very delicious and mouthwatering choices at very affordable prices!

This is their best-seller, the Sgt. Peppers Sizzler, which costs only Php 159 , exclusive of drinks but has unlimited rice! Yes, I know your eyes just popped out on that one! Unlimited rice and unlimited gravy!

What can I say? This is indeed the place to be!

This is the Lonestar Fish that costs only Php 119! Again, all their meals have unlimited rice and unlimited gravy. Nom nom nom~!

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the menu because I immediately dug in to this luscious meal. But, I can still recall their prices:

Panco Belly, which is commonly called Pork belly is only at Php 119.

Texas Sizzling Chicken, at Php 129

Geronimos Sizzling Pocher, at Php 199 . (I wanna try this the next time!)

Deputy Shorty Sizzler, at Php 169

Sheriff Jake’s Premium Steak, at Php 319

Black Stallion Crispy Pata, at Php 399

Ranch Pochero Soup, at Php 149

Saddle Chicken Soup, at Php 89

Sotfdrinks in can, only at Php 35, while bottomless drinks are at Php 55.

Extremely affordable and delicious! Next time, I want to take my family here so that they can savor their food. 🙂

Disclaimer: Pictures are taken from Xperia Mini Pro


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