Harukaze – Scandal [Quadwing Cover] at Cebu Nihon Matsuri

This was performed at the Cebu Nihon Matsuri event. Quadwing is my other band composed of 2 of my super duper close high school friends, Matt and Atan. We were formerly called Last String Syndrome and then Tripe Threat, and then Quadwing.

It was really funny how we got that name. It was when we had our consecutive practice jams for Otaku Fest. During the practice, my guitar string got cut off, and so does our bassist. LOL. You know that the bass string is quite thick and expensive right? Yeah, but it got cut off nonetheless. LOL.

So then, on the next Otaku Fest event, we changed to Triple Threat. It’s because we are composed of three members, but we’re not a threat at all :p

After that, we were on hiatus for quite sometime because I was working with Amplitude Grounds. And then we came back last February 2012 for the Otaku 5.0 as Quadwing, with our newest band member, Fred.

For Cebu Nihon Matsuri Event, we had a session guitarist, Tram, which became an official member after the event.

So it’s really fun! 🙂


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