The Taste of Luscious Fried Chicken: BonChon

Chicken BonChon [본촌치킨 ] is a franchise restaurant from South-Korea. It boasts a very tasty and delicious chicken cooked in a South-Korean way, which is quite different from what we Cebuanos have been tasting from American fast food franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), McDonald’s, and our very on Jollibee.

An internationally acclaimed franchise is now in Cebu! It’s located at the 2nd Floor of The Terraces, Ayala Center, Cebu.

Aside from the crispy goodness of South-Korean style fried chicken, you can also indulge into Korean dishes!

Chicken BonChon have two flavors of crispy fried chicken : Soy Garlic and Spicy.

If you ask me which one do I like, I’d have to say…. I can’t choose!

I love the pepperish flavor of soy garlic and of course, I love spicy foods! How I wish BonChon has a Spicy Soy Garlic flavor though!

Price ranges are from:  75php – 200php for individual servings. For people who dine in groups, they have Team BonChon meal which is good for 4!

Dishes included in the Team BonChon:

Medium Chicken

Chapchae (75php ala carte)

Fries/ Kimchi (2 pcs.)

4 glasses of iced tea

4 cups of rice

This is Chapchae. It’s quite similar to a Filipino dish called Pancit Bihon, but with bigger noodles. It’s topped with veggies and scrambled egg. I love it’s sweet taste!

This is Team Bonchon, which costs around 645 Php. This is good for 4 people. However, for people with big appetites like me, I reckon it won’t fill your stomach, might as well order another set of Team BonChon or other dishes. The chicken is so good, you’d be asking for more! 😉


Discalimer: Images are from my mobile phone.


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