Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X Slashing The Big Screen!

I’ve been a HUGE FAN of Samurai X.

In fact, HUGE is an understatement.

I must say, I’m a hardcore fan of this anime ever since high school.

This anime literally CHANGED me and my whole life.

To recall simply, I was a very timid and weak  girl during childhood. I don’t do well on physical activities, not to mention, I suck at physical education. I cower behind the crowd and stuffs like that.

But when I watched this anime. IT CHANGED ME.

It just changed my perspective. The very famous line of

The strong shall live and the weak shall perish,

was embedded in my head. And so I began to take steps to become a strong person. I joined the martial arts club. Well, what do you know? A weakling entering the martial arts club. LOL. Anyhow, since it was a martial arts club for college students, I wasn’t really IN the club, because I was still in high school and from a different university. But yes, I studied, Kenjutsu. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s one of the surviving sword schools in Cebu. From then on, I wasn’t the same again.

Anyhow, just to make the long story short (and cutting the emo crap), I am very overwhelmed of the news of the Rurouni Kenshion live action! And most of all, it is showing in SM Cebu Cinema!! Yes you heard that right!

The only thing is, it will be only shown on one day only. December 5th at  these times: 10:30 AM , 2:10 PM , 5:50 PM , 9:30 PM

So please do buy your tickets now or you’ll end up watching them on your computer via torrent :p

Click here to book your tickets!


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