OAD Tabor Hill: Veneration to God with Nature



The Tabor Hill is located at Talamban, Cebu City. It can be reached through a motorcycle from the corner to Kauswagan Road (road going to North General Hospital).

OAD stands for Order of the Discalced Augustinians (Ordo Augustiniensium Discalceatorum). It is a contemplative-missionary community following the footsteps of St. Augustine. The Tabor Hill located in Talamban is a place of refuge, a place of worship and a retreat house.





A place of veneration and worship to God, close to nature.

Tabor Hill is a serene place because it is away from the city structures, more so, it is located on top of a hill. Actually, the cross on the Tabor Hill is visible from our terrace at home. Quite a sight indeed.

Every Friday morning at 5am, the OAD performs The Way of the Cross followed by the Holy Mass.




It is also referred to as Marian Hill because the image Our Lady of Consolation is greeting you as you enter.





The serenity and freshness of the experience of veneration in full bloom.


The Tabor Hill is open for all days of the week for penance, veneration, conversion, and confession. Feel free to talk with God, along with nature.



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