Harukaze (Cover) – Amplitude Grounds

An acoustic cover of Harukaze from the anime Bleach.

This was taken last August 1, 2012 at Hobcon Automecha held at J-Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Harukaze in English means Spring Breeze.

This song is about letting go and facing the future without the person you love.

It’s like the spring breeze is carrying your hopes as you face the emptiness and the loneliness.

That even though you feel the feelings of loss today, there is still hope beyond that closed door that is yet to be discovered.

I loved the melody of the song and it’s lyrics. Even though I don’t totally understand Nihonggo that much, but when I read the translation, it connected to me instantly. All of us somehow may encounter such kind of loss in some ways, but we must remember that :

…when a door closes, a window opens.

Therefore, it is a matter of seeing things in perspective. I love how the song expressed this. That each heartbreak will have that “spring breeze” kind of feeling.


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