Amplitude Grounds: Then and Now

The band Amplitude Grounds is a Cebu-based band that is known to playing jpop/rock songs.  Their inception was during the Japanese Singing Contest at SM City Cebu. The members were part of other bands formed during college but decided to converge and participate at the Japanese Singing Contest because of their love for music and inclination for anime. The vocalist and rhythm guitars, is an Otaku and a Jpop/rock fan as well. Though not really close friends at first, but are not being bonded by music. Actually, after their inception, the band didn’t foresee to be able to maintain the rapport they have established during playing at this event, as well as in the Otaku Fest. However, luckily, they were able to expand their horizons.

For the two years that the band has been together, they were able to play music together amidst their busy lives. They’ve been lucky enough to be invited to anime and cosplay conventions around Cebu, and to weddings as well! A lot of people might find this pretty far off, but yeah, that’s how they are. The vocals and the bassist are huge AFG (Asian Kung-Fu Generation) fans and also are huge anime enthusiasts as well. The drummer and lead guitars, might not that much of an anime fan, but when they heard the suggested songs to play, they immediately fell in love with it. As for the weddings, yes, you may contact them to play at your wedding, or any event for that matter. May it be on full band or acoustic setup.

Music really brings people together. And as for AG, music has brought them together.

Recently, they were able to play at Hobcon Automecha 2012 at J-Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu. Pics and videos will be uploaded soon.


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