The Guitar: On A Woman’s Perspective

The guitar is a six-stringed instrument with a curvaceous body. It is perhaps, subjectively, one of the most commonly played musical instruments. But there’s a lot more than this “sexy” body than meets the eye – it produces harmonies that soothes the soul, unspoken words of comfort to the one who yields it, and undoubtedly a friend in times of need.

The music you create with the guitar alleviates your emotions, especially when you’re feeling down. That is why, according to studies, those who play an instrument are more emotionally stable, than those who don’t.

Being a member of the female specie,  I think that playing the guitar is just as hard as a man playing it. However, I think that most women’s problems (perhaps only mine?) in playing guitar is that they usually sing. And with that, the attention is being divided as to sing and play guitar most of the time.  I’m not saying that singing is a problem. But it is because singing and playing guitar at the same time might be of a challenge because one is juggling two things, multi-tasking, as what we call it.  And that may be the cause that there are lesser females doing the lead guitar roles. Moreover, most of us women have the talent of multi-tasking, that would sometimes lead us out-of-focus on these stuffs. As for men, according to studies, most of them are usually  not inclined to multi-tasking, therefore, are more focus with the task at hand. So I guess, that would explain why.

But fear not women! We can do a lot, and playing the lead guitars just needs time and practice. I just hope I have lots of it, for now 🙂

This photo was taken by me at Cebu City, Philippines.


6 responses to “The Guitar: On A Woman’s Perspective

  1. just thot i’d give a tip here. i’ve seen a segment in discovery channel long ago, that are our brains aren’t really capable of multi-tasking. they’ve done series of tests like solving a math problem while driving a car, and the guy known by his family and friends for multi-tasking didn’t pass. it’s muscle memory that you use when you play guitar and sing at the same time. instead of using your brain, you use your reflexes. that was just a tip given to me too. so yeah, hurot na ako english. 😀

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