Budong’s Malunggay Pandesal



It’s extremely tasty! It still has that same pandesal taste, with a twist. And plus, it’s healthy too! They grind the malunggay (horse raddish) and mix it when baking the pandesal.

The pandesal is considered the most well-known Filipino bread of all time. It’s the basic bread, very versatile. We Filipinos usually pair it with our favorite cup of coffee especially during breakfast, and sometimes during snacktime or merienda. Modern methods of pandesal pairs are: pandesal with chocolate spread, pandesal with mayo, pandesal with cheese, you name it!

Budong’s Malunggay Pandesal is packed with people lining from dawn till morning! Now, how’s that for a delicious and healthy breakfast?


Weapon of choice : Xperia X Mini Pro


13 responses to “Budong’s Malunggay Pandesal

    • hi there! I am not really sure how much the franchise is. perhaps you can try asking at istorya.net/forums. there are a lot of people in that forum who can help you 🙂

  1. gusto ko mo franchise ani… asa man ta makapangayo ug contact number? any mobile or landline. sun cellular

  2. OMG I LOVE these! smaller, slightly sweeter versions of the filipino pandesal. I cannot really taste the malunggay in it (I can see flecks here and there) but I like to think I’m eating something healthy. Heh. I heard from my mom that there’s always a long queue outside the bakeshop that sells them near Plantation Bay. It’s popular with the crowd.

    • Yes, there’s a long queue even in their Talamban branch. We love their pandesals. It has a unique taste from the common kind of pandesal. And the it’s healthy too! 😀

  3. PLS EMAIL YOUR QUOTATIONS. WE ARE INTERESTED TO FRANCHISE. (msbongmendoza@yahoo.com) mobile# 0939-2833104

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