It’s A Cloudy Afternoon

“Whoever said you can’t buy Happiness forgot little puppies.”
― Gene Hill

I have this dog named Cloud. He is bigger than I am when he’s standing.

He’s the youngest of the pack, yet the biggest, and the most enthusiastic!

I love him not just because he’s cute and cuddly, but because I can be myself when I’m with him.

He truly wipes out my stress. I can really smile even though I’m done when I’m with Cloud,

and that goes true with the rest of my dogs.

He bites my arm like he’s biting his bone. Perhaps my arms look like one too!

I’ve took a shot of him around the neighborhood. It’s too difficult to take him off leash when there’s a lot of

people around because they are afraid of big dogs. For them, big = scary. But of course not!

And now, since it’s turning to dusk, I’ve let him inside the gates :]

Here you can see his “soft” side. He’s a lover boy you know :p

Cloud is a very nice dog. He wants to play with you all the time. When his big brother (Niji, the beagle) would scold him,

he doesn’t wouldn’t fight back. When Niji and Chicco (another older brother, mini dash) would fight, he wants to stop them,

but because he’s too gentle, he can’t. I LOVE YOU CLOUD!


“The more boys I meet the more I love my dog.”
― Carrie Underwood


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