Tea and Symphony

Milk Tea. The perfect combination of a healthy and exciting drink.

 At last, I’ve gotten a chance to sip a (huge) glass of milk tea at Tea and Symphony located at UC Banilad building across Gaisano Country Mall.

This is just a silly theory though. But I think the name is derived from the song Tea and Sympathy by Jars of Clay. I love this song very much! But I guess they just changed the name to Symphony instead of sympathy for very obvious reasons. But yes, I love the name of the milk tea shop :3

Tea and Symphony is the perfect place for milk tea aficionados like me. They’ve got lots of flavors to choose from – combination of toppings, mashup of flavors, and some non-tea drinks as well. I love how you can choose the level of sweetness for your milk tea. ♥



I’ve introduced my friends to tofu. And now, they’ re loving it! Me? As always. ^^ They’ve got salt and pepper and wasabi flavors. Whit Whew!

Hokkaido Milk Tea ♥

Obviously, my cup is the empty one :3


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