I am very big fan of Japanese food. Well, actually, anything Japanese.

Anyhow, a friend of mine brought me to this fancy restaurant. The food’s great! The ambiance is perfect, especially to people

who are really fond of Japanese food. There were lotsa food to choose from and I had a very hard time choosing! LOL.

Anyhow, here’s a peek at the food from Kagura.

Weapon of choice: Xperia X10 mini pro


4 responses to “Kagura

  1. wow makita talaga na delicious ang sushi noh.. from the the details of the sushi from your pic! *drooling~* hehe 😀 tell us more naman.. what else? what happened? hehe kiddin.. XD

    by the way, im glad that you have a new blog ongoing. keep it up! seems interesting especially the part for coffee..^^ im so looking forward to it..would love to journey with you to our coffee love.. 😀

  2. Love the ambience at Kagura too! Have you tried Nonki? The food is great and cheaper, mas friendly sa wallet 🙂 Oh and have you tried yakiniku sa Wakamatsu?

    • I agree! Japanese kaau ang feel sa Kagura :3
      I haven’t tried Nonki though. Sige2x ganahan ko mo try! My friends who work from a Japanese company were really urging me to try Wakamatsu! Pero wala pajud ko kaadto >_<

      Wow! You've got such a wide range of knowledge sa foooooooodddd! :3

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