Hey Kid.

This was taken during my first street photowalk with a bunch of friends into photography.

This is famous Carbon Market in Cebu.

It’s been awhile since I toured around the area. This place is famous for having almost everything you need at affordable prices.


The place was very busy even though it was still early in the morning. The vendors were getting ready with all their commodities while their  buyers were busy looking for their cheap finds. There was a mix amount of emotions as we went by. Some would want their pictures to be taken while some don’t. This was my first to do street photography, so I am not adept with the knowledge on how to handle this. But I did use my common sense though. I asked for permission. If I notice agitation, I would not take their picture.

Here are some of my decent pics.

And yes, this post is dedicated to the kids in Carbon Market.

Although I could see industrious kids helping their parents earn a living, it’s also disheartening to see them work early in the morning. They should have been sleeping or playing. And yes, this is the story of a market in a third-world country.


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