Toe Live in Manila

TOE in Manila?

YES, dude.

Toe (pronounced as To-we) is an instrumental Japanese music band that has the flavors of ambient, post-rock and math rock. The unique sound of the band gained huge amount of fans, and I was one of them.

I am a very big fan of ambient music. It started when I purchased a Razer Orca headphones from a friend working in Singapore. I was browsing through grooveshark radio stations wherein I encountered the ambient music. I’m in a trance while listening to it. When I’m at the office, the work seems far less lighter. Too bad, I don’t bring my Orca at the office anymore. It’s cause I can’t hear anything other than the awesome music I hear! My officemates will be furious. LOL.

Anyhow, I went all the way to Manila just to see Toe. I love this band. These are one of the few genius bands I’ve heard so far. They’ve owned it. Most of all, I am not surprised they are Japanese. Yes, let’s say I am biased about Japanese people, and mind you, I am not a racist.  It’s just that the qualities of the Japanese people are admirable.

So there, I went to Manila with some Cebuano friends but we’ve separated ways after we’ve arrived at our own destinations. So practically, I was with myself only. I am so thankful to my friends and classmates who came by the rescue! A big shoutout to Camille, Rian and Monica for helping me survive my journey throughout Manila! Little of you know that I can’t go to the streets of Colon alone. I will be lost. I don’t know where the to go, it’s like a maze for me. BUT, it’s a miracle I survived going to Taguig-Ortigas; Antipolo-Santolan-Cubao-Ayala Avenue and vice versa during my stay there, ALONE. Oh, praise God! It was a miracle I didn’t cry out of confusion and frustration at all. My heart didn’t waver or anything. MY SURVIVAL INSTINCT IS AT WORK. OH YEAH. I can’t tell you enough my journey all the way there, but yes, it was blast. An adventure. Solitude is the key!

Anyhow, this was supposed to be a post about TOE post. Oh well. OK here it goes. Toe is composed of Kashikura Takashi – drummer, Mino Takaaki – guitars, Yamazaki Hirokazu – guitars, and Yamane Satoshi – bass.  I love the mix of the imba drumming of Takashi and the clean guitar effects of Yamazaki and Takaaki. Of course, I cannot deny the fact that the bass line of Satoshi are godly.


Unlike other concerts, the band was placed at the center of the crowd. The two Filipino front acts were Encounters with a Yeti and Sleepwalk Circus. I’ve known both of these bands before I went in Manila. I love their music as well. Although their setup was different from Toe’s. The stage where they played was placed in front of the crowd, separate from Toe’s setup. I am a bit disheartened about the setup of these two front acts. It was not mixed properly and the sound didn’t spread through the whole room. So, to where I stood, the sound was not to be mystified about. It’s like I was just watching a normal gig.

For Toe…

Anyhow, at the concert, Toe played around 13 songs, went back stage, and played 2 songs after. As a few of you may not know, bands usually do that. They make the fans feel that it’s the last song they’re gonna play and will walk out of the stage. Fans will be screaming for more, and there you got it, they’ll be playing a few more after you scream. NICE ONE. BUT! A well-deserved “screaming for more” for TOE!


I loved how they played Goodbye!!!!! OMG. I can’t stress that enough. Moreover, one of my fave songs is Past and Language, which they played right after the 2nd set. I loved how the band express their music and express their presence on stage. Very unique indeed. They don’t care if they look silly or whatever, or they scream right there performing (most of their songs have no lyrics), all they care about is the music they’ll be producing.

The sound system was amazing. THEIR sound is amazing. I’m just in awe, in trance.

The Concert Experience


Since I was practically alone at the concert per se, I still enjoyed every bit of it. When I was falling in line with Rian, we met a lot of great people who are Toe fans as well. Most, if not all of them thought I was still in school and were shocked that I was already working. *Big smile* So I’ll treat that as a compliment? I also befriended two of the security people. One thought I was Ilongga (because of my Bisaya accent), and the other one was the person guarding the railings. Yeah, the railings, I was in front of the stage man! And gawd, I had to strategize my way there. Good thing there were two lovers at my right side, so they eventually occupied one space. Hurray for me! And the other side, were some noisy kids who thought I was noisier than them. Oh well, duncare bro. :))  The girl on my side (one  of the two lovers) actually talked about the usblive to her boyfriend. And because of my “friendly” nature, I immediately asked her about it. We became friends and she asked for my email ad. But I wouldn’t count on her emailing me. But yeah, it feels so damn great to make friends (without much effort) during travel!

Overall, with the whirlwind adventure of my Manila trip, I ENJOYED IT A LOT. I’m so proud of myself having survived the trip alone, notwithstanding I can’t travel downtown because I’m too scared to do so. But God, it was truly a fulfilling journey. Indeed,

Life is a journey. Not a destination.

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My destination was to watch Toe live in Manila. But for the journey towards watching the concert made every little thing (money, stress, frustration, time, etc.) all worth it. PRAISE GOD ! 🙂

P.S. I’ll be posting some random stuffs on another article. I’ll keep you posted. 

Weapon of Choice: Xperia Mini Pro. No PnS and DSLRs are allowed at the venue. So please bear with the pics.


6 responses to “Toe Live in Manila

  1. I love that header!!! Why? Because I saw it for real. It was right after Satoshi dropped his guitar HARD on the floor and threw the water bottle along with it (which I was planning on grabbing btw. lolz) Great music yeah??? 😀

    • Gem! I needed to google translate your comment! >__< but yeah, it was epic!!!! the journey to towards this concert was a story to tell as well. extremely exciting because i was alone! :)) it made everything worthwhile!!! great band. one of a kind. it makes me cry to see these kinds of talented people existed in this world! 😀

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