Music Unites The World: A UUU Project of the Japan Orchestra

They say that math is the universal language. But I beg to defer.

You may need lyrics to understand the song, but you can still express and appreciate the melody even if you don’t know its language.  As for me, I’ve been a diehard Jpop/Jrock fan when I was still in high school and a lot of my friends tease me because of the idiosyncrasy. But nevertheless, for me, music is an expression of the soul. You need not understand the words to appreciate it. BUT, of course, if you dig more closely, you would indeed appreciate MORE of the song if you understand it.

Anyhow, enough me explaining my love for JPOP. >_<

The UUU Project Cs of Japan in cooperation with the Cebu Symphony Orchestra of the Philippines organized a Free concert for the benefit Cebuano children. Indeed, one concrete example that music knows no language barriers. I’m just in awe with musical events held for a purpose <3.

 Here are some pictures I got from this awesome event! I was there in the nick of time before they ended their performance.

The MUSIC UNITES THE WORLD event was held at Ayala Center Cebu last February 19, 2012. I may not have seen the much of it, but when I heard the last part, which I think was Copacabana, I was fascinated. These guys, are great! And apparently, they are (I think) still students.

For more info, please do visit here.



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