Otaku Fest V T-Shirt

I’m not really fond of buying statement shirts or event shirts for that matter.

But this shirt, I gotta have!

I love the design… Although I could say that it needs to be adjusted more to fill the empty spaces. But it’s superb in its original form anyway. It’s designed by a good ol’ friend, but I’m not being biased about it.  When I first saw the shirt advertised at FB, I said to myself, ” I GOTTA HAVE THAT SHIRT!”

… and so I did.

After our performance, I immediately went home because the guitar and other equipments I brought was too heavy for me. So since I’ve got nothing else to do, I decided to “advertise” the shirt instead. I got this pre-ordered for 170PHP 🙂


4 responses to “Otaku Fest V T-Shirt

    • arigatouu~ >__< however, maybe i should stick on taking pictures. HAHAHA! kay feel nako taghap rani tanan gud :))
      the shirt… i got it at the registration booth…. zannen… pero naa pa next time.. woot woot! 😉

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