Otaku Fest 5: Old School

Anime has always been very close to my heart.
It is where I found myself and one of the factors that molded me to become what I am now. *EMO*
But anyhow, I’ve always dreamed of an anime convention when I was in high school. Unfortunately, during that time, anime was not really as recognized as it was, until recently.

I think the very first anime/cosplay convention was last Feb2008 – the Otaku Fest @ UP College. There were only a few people who came, yet I was really glad to see fellow Otakus in one venue! With that, people became very enthusiastic for the next event, the reason why the organizers made the second event happen in December of the same year. Since then, numerous cosplay conventions have been held all over Cebu. I was really hyped!

My high school classmates before teased me about anime stuffs because I was such a weirdo back then (until now), but now, they’re even attending these conventions. Hurray! More weirdos beybeh! :))

Anyhow, the band and I have been playing since Otaku Fest 1. We’ve gone by different band names because I was in two different bands. I’m super happy to have never missed any Otaku Fest event so far. I hope to keep this up, but if not, I’ll still keep supporting these events – whether performing, or taking pictures, or promoting ’em!

So enough said, for those who weren’t able to come, here are some pics !
I apologize though, I came in late for this event because our cue time to play was 6pm. >_<

The emerging cosplay community in Cebu has certainly evolved. These cosplayers (and artists) are to die for! They can really play the part, I tell ‘ya!

Kudos to the Otaku Fest 5 organizers and Cebu cosplayers. Keep on rockin’!


7 responses to “Otaku Fest 5: Old School

  1. Didn’t know they have this in Philippines. And from the pictures, it does look like it can get so real. It’s not a surprise though, being filipinos are big on anime.

    Last year, I got dragged into attention the Anime Expo in LA. 😀

    • yes, as an Otaku myself, I am extremely delighted that Cebuanos are really propagating anime :)) this has just started around 2007, and it’s constantly getting better. yey >:D
      oh you like anime too? 🙂

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