Spring: I Believe I Can Fly

Spring. The season where flowers bloom, the trees are green, and birds are singing. It may not be like that in these pictures, but you get the idea.

In a tropical country that experience only two seasons in a year, this may seem pretty ambitious of me to post spring-like pictures. But yeah, I love the look of spring, and that’s what I want to depict in these photos, even though it’s technically not spring here in our region.

And oh, my friends and I organized a photoshoot, with spring as the theme. This was I guess the most lowest of budget kinds of photoshoots where the models = the crew = make-up artist = stylist = the photographer. LOL. But this is just for fun anyways.

I was the main photographer in this shoot, so you may not see lots of pictures of myself. 🙂




This was taken around midday. So you can imagine we would really seek refuge in the shades :3


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