The Novena

Pit Señor!

Sinulog is one of the most awaited festival in Cebu. A lot of people from all over the world converge to come and witness the Sinulog mardi gras, the presentations, floats, the celebrities (lol), and the like.

But we should never forget what Sinulog is all about. It’s about Señor Sto. Niño, the child Jesus.

I went to hear the 9-day novena mass, but unfortunately was not able to complete it. Some people want to compelete the novena because they are wishing for something. But according to the homily, people should not be motivated to attend the novena because they want something in return. We should do it out of LOVE.

And out of love for the Child Jesus, I went there. And out of passion, I shoot as well. 🙂






P.S. Kanamo maluoy Ka unta~



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