Undercover Grasshoppers Recording Teaser

The Undercover Grasshoppers is a south-side indie band composed of 4 registered nurses with a dynamic musical background. Two of their notable songs (which are one of my faves) are Finding Marvin and Frantic Static.


Music sets us free

They will be releasing their album mid of 2012 and have been currently recording their new compositions. Here is a glimpse of what transpired during their recording at 1032 Recording Studio.

Cilee Kuizon holding a Gretsch semi-hollow guitar.

Intimate guitar moments of Cilee

A close up of this beautiful instrument

Cilee is one great guitarist. Girl Power!

Now why is Karl Lucent, from Honeydrop here?! 🙂

Oh he's here to try that Gretsch guitar? 🙂

Karl Lucente, a talented film director, drummer and guitarist.

Pic taken by Karl Lucente.

Silhouette of Ongkii Sayson

Most of my pics are just of Cilee and Karl. Why?

Coz I was filming most of the time. :))

Please do watch out for the teaser of their recording to be out soon!


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